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Woodworking Tools

Woodworking is a very labor intensive job. It is necessary that the right tools be used to make the job easier and less time consuming for the woodworker. Having the right tools for cutting and measuring wood is what the professional woodworker needs to get their job done right.

There are very simple tools that are used in woodworking like a hammer and a saw. But aside from the simple tools there are also machines and more complex tools that help the woodworker complete their projects efficiently.

The main difference between woodworking tools and machines is generally their size and cost. Woodworking tools are small and inexpensive pieces of equipment that are vital to getting the job done in woodworking. They are usually used for small woodworking jobs. The machines that are used for woodworking are much more complex and generally very expensive. Usually these woodworking machines are used for the processing of wood and the difficult complex jobs of creating artistic pieces.

The most common woodworking tool is the saw. There are actually many different types of saws that can be used in your woodworking project. Among these saws are the dovetail saw, Japanese saw, cross cut saw, bow saw, Tenon saw, and chain saws. The saws are used for cutting wood, but before they can be used, the wood must be carefully measured and marked beforehand so that it is cut in the appropriate spot.

The tools that are used for measuring out a piece of wood for cutting are a tape measure, ruler or square. Once the piece has been measured it must be marked so that it will be cut in the right place. Knives, gauges, markers and pencils are all used to mark a piece for cutting. It is very important that the piece be marked in the correct spot so that the cutting will be done right.

The next common tool that is used in woodworking is the hammer. The main use for the hammer is to join pieces of wood with nails. but hammer have other uses, too. A joiner's mallet, for example, is a special type of hammer a woodworker uses to gently tap two piece of wood together.

There are many ways to join two pieces of wood together, each requiring its own unique tools. Wood screws can be used to join pieces of wood together. A pilot hole will need to be drilled through the wood before the screw can be used, particularly in hardwoods. A biscuit joiner can be used to assemble pieces that are held together with neither nails nor screws.

woodcarving knives
L. B. Ehrler/Wikimedia Commons
Woodcarving knives.

Chisels and carving tools are the next most important tool in the woodworkers toolbox. They are necessary for a great many small jobs that are used in woodworking.

Finishing a piece is just as important as building it. For this you will need sanders and scraping tools. Planes are used to smooth out the piece and even it off for polishing and finishing. A number of different abrasives are used during the sanding process.

Other things might be necessary to complete the woodworking project. A carpenter will use waxes and adhesives to hold the piece together. They help the nails stay in place and not come out. It will also be painted or colored with a finish to add to the beauty of the piece. A woodworker will also need brushes and spraying tools.

These are some of the most common tools that a woodworker will need to complete their projects. There are many other different and specialized tools that the professional woodworker will use in the course of their job.